Here is an article that ran in the June 1999 issue of the Natomas Journal.

Kitty Putting on the Ritz

By William Craig

Itís summertime, which for most families means vacation time. Great for you, But what about the pets you leave behind? Often the family dog can take that camping trip with you, but what to do with the cat? Most folks, whether itís vacation or business trips theyíre planning, find themselves calling upon friends to drop by to feed and water their little furry friend, and who know how successful thatís going to be? Often the result is a sense of abandonment on the part of you and your little pal. The answer is just around the corner at Patís Boarding Place for Cats, conveniently located at 3570 Airport Road near the small plane airport in North Natomas.

Now a luxury cat hotel may sound a little silly at firs, but when you think about it, it really is a stroke of genius. Aside form traveling or moving, such as an allergic house guest or remodeling or spraying pesticides or re-carpeting. Why should the cat have to be stressed out and you along with it?

Patís Boarding Place for Cats, which was originated and run for twenty one years by now retired Pat Steele, has recently been purchased by former assistants and fellow cat lovers Sandy Maryman, who lives on the premises and Betsy Rose, who is a certified veterinarian assistant. The Two new owners, who happen to be sisters, are busy upgrading the already luxury cat hotel. "The thing that sells us the most is having people come in and look. All visitors automatically board their cats," notes Betsy Rose. "We are referred by a lot of vets Ö a lot of people ask their vets where to board cats," adds Sandy Maryman.

Distancing itself from the classic image of an animal shelter with steel bars, cold concrete and barking dogs, Patís is the kind of place you wouldnít mind staying yourself. "I think itís obvious that we love cats and love what weíre doing,: said Rose, "we take care of the cats as the owner would." Which capacity of up to 55 guests, both in private rooms or "condos" if you have more than one cat, Patís is immaculate, with climate control and air filters and carpeting everywhere. The hotelís basic service rate ... includes all meals, linens, comfy beds or nesting boxes, fresh toilet changes, outside time (weather permitting) daily exercise, play/affection time, soft music and a toy to keep.

So why stop there? After all this is a luxurious hotel for your cat! While youíre working on that tan in Maui, why not let kitty get the works as well? Aside from administering any necessary prescription medicines or flea treatments that are required for minimal fees, Patís also offers a nail clip for $3. But if youíre really feeling big time guilt, opt for the full bath-brush-comb out, which is provided with a top quality hypoallergenic shampoo and conditioner and also includes a complimentary nail clip and ear cleaning. Who knows with this kind of treatment, kitty and you might just get another life back! For more information call 419-7396 or email:


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