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Spacious single & double wide condos available in ground, mid & penthouse levels.

Room size suites for multi-feline families. The Jungle room, Wild Western room, Kitties in the Garden suite & Ocean Adventures room.

Private nesting boxes, cuddly beds, cozy fleece pads are provided for peaceful rest & nap periods.

Huge array of interactive play toys, climbing & scratching structures, baskets & busy boxes of cat-safe toys all for your cat's exercise & amusement.

Low-key, bark-free atmosphere for minimal stress w/soft music to soothe the feline soul.

Fully enclosed outside play/ nap-in-the-sun area.

Strict standards of cleanliness & sanitation are meticulously adhered to at all times with the addition of a quality air purification & exhaust system.


Daily maid service w/a fresh change of linens & toilet facilities.

Custom feeding - we carry a wide variety of quality foods including the full Science Diet  & Iams lines & both wet &  dry foods are available to closely match your cat's at home diet. We are also happy to serve any food you, the parent , wish to provide such as prescription diets at no additional fee.

Daily check sheets chart your cat's progress during his/her stay with us so we are immediately aware of any changes which may require special attention.

Certified Veterinary assistant managing cat-care daily & hotel owned on-site 24 hours per day.

Special needs cats are always welcome & competently cared for.


For your convenience we offer a full pampering beauty treatment for your primping pussy-cat. This session includes a bath with one of our selections of luxurious shampoos, blow-dry & comb-out styling, ear-cleaning & claw clip for one affordable fee.

In addition we offer the "dry-bath" with an approved dry-bath shampoo product for those kitties who absolutely shun the shower yet require a little coat-care assistance.

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One of four of our deluxe suites, the Jungle Suite offers multi-levels, cat tree, scratching posts, a private screened window, and plenty of room for feline families.

Sam enjoys using our fully fenced in outdoor enclosures with bird feeders and flowers during his "kitty aerobics." Next you'll see a happy, contented Sam napping in a cat tree after his workout.


Kennel owner, Sandy Maryman, and kennel manager, Betsy Rose, hard at work during ":kitty play time" in our exercise area. Kitty condos in the background are large and spacious, with cozy hiding boxes and soft round beds.


Kitty kisses are given often at Pet's Place due to the love and care we give to our feline guests. Here is our kennel manager, Betsy Rose, grooming one of our special guests.


Let us have the pleasure of caring for your feline family when you just cannot be there & we will provide you with peace of mind in the comfort & contentment of your kitty companions. Happy cats on holiday while you're away when they stay at Pat's Boarding Place for Cats.

We offer discounts for multi-cat families and for long-term (over 30 day) stays.


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