Elaine Carder
Elaine has over 8 years of experience with Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats. She truly loves our kitty clients and has a special way with cats. Elaine’s past experience as a veterinarian technician has served her well when dealing with the cats at Pat’s Boarding Place. 

Amanda O’Mohundro
Amanda has been with Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats for 4 years. She is a true cat whisperer and her love of cats shines through her interactions with every cat boarder at Pat’s Place. Amanda also has past experience as a vet tech.

Patches, Head of HR
Patches has been with Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats for over 4 years. She has worked her way up the ranks and at this point, she runs the place. As long as you pet her and generally love on her, she will listen to all your complaints and soothe your troubled soul. She is the best “Hooman Resource Officer” one could ever want!