Patches, Head of HR
Patches started on the ground floor at Pat’s more than four years ago, then clawed her way up the ladder to success as the resident Catnip Consultant and “Hooman Resource Officer”. Her compensation package includes heavy petting, repeated belly rubs and two weeks of annual vacation time, which she spends relaxing in the blissful comfort of Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats.

Elaine Carder, Concierge
Elaine earned her stripes in the cat community with a lifelong love for felines and experience as a veterinarian technician. She has her official cat whisperer badge and has been with Pat’s Boarding Place for Cats for nearly 10 years. Elaine knows just how to pamper and care for our lucky kitty clients, and consultant Patches gives her a strong four paws up recommendation. 

Amanda O’Mohundro, Concierge
Amanda has exceled in her role as concierge during her five years with Pat’s. Strong inter-purrsonal skills and a background as a vet tech help her know how to meet the needs of our discerning guests. Amanda uses velvet paws when petting cats and a soft voice when assuring them they truly do run the universe.

Polly Whitman, Concierge

When Polly joined the staff at Pat’s Place two years ago. we knew she had an affinity for all things feline. But Polly also has a special interest in exotic breeds, and is now the resident expert on Siamese and hairless kitties. A movie buff and avid reader, Polly feels that cats are under-represented in the arts.