• Vaccines: Up-to-date/current rabies and distemper (a.k.a. 3-in-1 or FVRCP) vaccines are required for all feline guests.
  • Spay/Neuter: All kitties over 6 months must be spayed or neutered.
  • Fleas: Please make sure your kitty is free of fleas. We recommend using a veterinary-approved topical treatment such as Advantage, Frontline, Actyvil, Revolution or Bravecto, at least one week prior to boarding. If evidence of fleas is found on your cat while boarding, we will treat your cat with Advantage and you will be responsible for the charge for this treatment (includes a complete change of bedding).
  • Medication: We can administer most medications as needed. Medication prices vary depending on the type and frequency and level of  difficulty for administration. Refrigeration for meds is available if needed.
  • Special Needs: We do not accept kitties with diabetes, FIV nor FeLV.


Cancellations, Exceptions, etc.

  • Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice is required to cancel your reservation. There will be a 2-night fee for cancellations made with less than 48 hours notification.
  • Tours: To maintain a calm environment for our paying guests (kitties), in-person tours are not available. Clients may look around the kennel and enclosed catio while dropping off their kitty. A detailed virtual tour is available here.


  • For 1 cat: $30.00 – $43.00 per night

  • For 2 cats: $59.00 – $82.00 per night

  • For 3 cats: $87.00 – 123.00 per night

  • Please call for a quote if you need to board more than 3 cats

  • Discounts: Multi-cat discounts are reflected in the pricing above. Long-term stay discounts begin at 30 days or longer. Please call for a specific quote.

  • Types of Accommodations: Regular Condos, Window Condos, Double Condos, Window Double Condos, Deluxe Suites. Please see Photos and Virtual Tour on the Accommodations & Services Page.

  • All accommodations include: cuddles and open play time. Unlike other boarding places, we don’t charge extra for this – it comes standard.

  • Payment: We accept Venmo, credit cards, cash, and checks. A full day’s fee is charged for day of arrival, regardless of time. There is no charge for cats picked up during morning hours. Full payment is due at time of pick-up.

Other Services

  • Medical Needs: Oral, topical, eye drops and ear drops can be administered. Please bring all medications and equipment necessary for the application of medicines. Prices range from $2-$10 per day and is based upon the type, number of times medications must be given/applied. Application is dependent upon the cooperation of the kitty. Please call for specific pricing.
  • Sub-cutaneous Fluids: $15 – $25 based upon the ease of administration and cooperation of your kitty.
  • Diabetic Cats: Unfortunately, we are not able to treat diabetic kitties.
  • Nail Trimming: $15 – 25 per kitty for nail trim based upon front claws only or both front and back claws and the level of cooperation of your kitty.
  • Brushing: $5 for a deep brushing.
  • Flea treatment: $20 per treatment. Please note: if fleas are found on your kitty, you will automatically be charged $20 for Flea Treatment and Special Room Cleaning.
  • Vet Transport: This fee depends upon what is involved. For example, daytime vs. after hours transport, regular vet appointment vs. emergency room visit, amount of time spent at vet hospital, etc. In addition, the owner is responsible for any fees that the vet charges for their services.