Condos & Suites

  • At Pat’s, we have 54 spacious Condos and 11 Suites for our cats to enjoy. All Condos and Suites are set up with comfy/plush beds, several toys, food & water dishes and at least one litter box. Suites also include a multi-level cat tree.
  • Cats are given 6 to 8 hours of daily play time.
  • Condos: 3’ tall x 4’ wide x 3’ deep. Condos are spacious enough for cats to stretch their legs and intimate enough for the most introverted cats to relax comfortably.
  • Double Condos: 3’ tall x 8’ wide x 3’ deep. Double condos can be arranged to house two, bonded cats together or for a single cat who enjoys a little extra room.
  • Windows: available in some Condos and Double Condos for an extra fee
  • Suites: 8’ tall x 5’ wide x 5’ deep. Suites allow room for the most playful cats to jump around and play. All suites have a full cat tree and litter area separated from sleeping and eating areas. Suites are perfect for families of cats, long-term boarders or cats who need extra space for their complete comfort.
  • For a true sense of our accommodations and space, watch our Virtual Tour
  • Should they choose to come out of their personal accommodations, your cat(s) may play in the large, indoor common area and/or the large, enclosed outdoor common area (catio). Cats love to hang out, soak up some sun, and watch the wildlife in the backyard.
  • Climate Control: The kennel is climate controlled with central heating and central air conditioning.
  • UV Air Disinfection: Our kennel is protected by a state-of-the-art, UV air disinfection system. Cats in our boarding facility are protected from infectious diseases with UV disinfection technology. PetAirapy’s UV achieves greater than 99.9% kill rate against tested virus and bacterial pathogens, including SARS‑CoV‑2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID‑19).

Food & Litter

  • We offer a variety of dry foods in stock, but recommend providing your own food if your cat is on a special diet (e.g. – grain free), or is a picky eater. We also stock Friskies canned food in a variety of flavors and textures.
  • Litter Boxes: A new, cleaned and disinfected litter box is provided daily and scooped multiple times throughout the day.

Additional Cat Care

  • Brushing: For an additional fee, we can provide daily brushing. Please bring their favorite brush/comb.
  • Attention: Plenty of personal attention is given to your beloved kitties at feeding times and throughout the day.

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Accommodations and Play Areas